The Time Will Not Return-Outbound Malang

Haloo my fren , do not feel in Ramadan has entered the mid-yes. cuepet really.

kanapa suddenly I wanted to write this sob?

I’ll tell you first yes shobat outbound Nolimit unfortunate adventure. I start it from a bang which gives a credit of 86400 points. and every pointnnya worth 10000 dollars, while you are asked to spend the pint every day. What do you think shob?? 😉 And it possessed a special bank rules pint every day should run out and when it was not finished then keesok day you will be given a pint of 86400 again.


and I am sure you will spend the point is that right until the end shob. Well sebenarnnya we got the bank that we call time yes shobat TIME. so we are in the time given by God for 86,400 seconds each day and it will be repeated constantly. so if we do not spend time with my best then we become the losers manusian, mindless every time we passed will never come back and we will not be able to play even a single second.

We must never forget the failures that we experience and prepare for the future we would be arriving, when we can make the leap 5 steps why we only jump one step and so rivals. we have to use the failures we’ve experienced the best teacher and our means of learning.

we must not be complacent, we have to look to the future to make it more dynamic life, create measurable goals that will be achieved when, and writing that goes into our subconscious, then immediately action, do not delay in delay. Work then more than customarily, be sure and try berbagikepada liungkungan around us surely success will certainly immediately approached us.

Shobat rhomadhon hopefully at this time we can use the time as best as possible and do not forget when discharged Eid will be held in the unfortunate outbound, contact us ya 🙂

success always for you

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